OEM Services

Contract Manufacturing Services

With the keen focus on quality, innovation, sustainability and customer care, our core portfolio is Contract Manufacturing of:

  • Customized Product Design as per requirement
  • Mutli-Pack & Single Sachet Products – Personal Care Products
  • Multi-Pack & Single Sachet Products – Baby Care Products
  • Medical Hygiene Products
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Dry Wipes & Pads Products

This helps us in not only offering high-quality products at competitive prices, but also gives us an advantage over our competitors over market.

SPICA strictly believes in Ethics and Moral Values throughout the Operations of the business.

Contract Research & Product Development

We offer customized product design and development right from initial conceptualization of product to final market launching. This includes proper product designing, packaging and product formulations for all categories of wet wipes as per the prevalent market need.